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  Who is ICHTUS?

PT ICHTUS Gala Asia was established in 1999 in Indonesia. It is related to China, Taiwanese, Japanese, Australian, European, Rusia and USA manufacturing companies. ICHTUS is well-known as an IT Infrastructure Expert. Being a competitive and supportive IT-player in Indonesia, maintaining a good relationship with partners and customers is a metabolism. In the empowering vision ONE STOP IT INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTION PROVIDER, ICHTUS grows higher and higher every year. By focusing on its competency on wireless products and services, ICHTUS is the first customer’s choice for their needs in wireless technology. Many wireless experts, with good quality in technical and consulting skills, are supporting PT ICHTUS Gala Asia in providing customer satisfaction. Driven by its mission spirit “MUTUAL GROWTH”, ICHTUS always offers abundant values to their customers in many regions in Indonesia. It means no growing ICHTUS without customer’s growth. Rapid changing in wireless industry is a challenge for ICHTUS to perform their enthusiastic effort and best commitment to their customers everyday.

5 reasons of why you must be a partner of PT ICHTUS Gala Asia

1. IT Infrastructure Expertise.
2. Variety of Product.
3. Competitive Pricing.
4. Value-added Solution.
5. Commited Stock-level.

What ICHTUS can do for YOU?
5 major points of what PT ICHTUS Gala Asia can do for you

1. IT Infrastructure Development.
2. Data Communication.
3. Telecommunication Integration.
4. Networking System.
5. Multimedia Solution.

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